SP Faisal Saleem Narrowly Escapes a Bullet During Murder Investigation at Holy Family Hospital

Rawalpindi, May 07:  SP Security Rawal, Mr. Faisal Saleem, a brave and dedicated police officer, was investigating a murder case that occurred in the Pir Wadhai area. SP Faisal went to the Holy Family Hospital to interview the son of the slain for the case. Despite the fact that investigations of this nature are typically handled by Sub Inspectors or Inspectors, SP Faisal took it upon himself to lead the investigation. Which shows his determination and dignity towards his duty and pain for the affected family.  

While talking to the son of the slain with his head down due to his humble posture, a bullet accidentally hit SP Faisal’s head. The bullet came from random aerial firing taking place nearby at a marriage ceremony. Due to the angle of his head, the bullet did not penetrate his skull. He was quickly given medical attention and no doubt that Allah Almighty has saved his life.

Chief Editor of Daily Information Times, Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi, visited SP Faisal and praised him for his bravery, honesty, and dedication to duty. Syed Bilal Naqvi further said that SP Faisal’s moral courage was even higher than before, and he commended the officer for continuing to perform his duties despite the incident. As SP Faisal is still working from his home in this condition. SP Faisal’s bravery and honesty have earned him respect and admiration from his colleagues and the public alike

A very Senior journalist Mr. Farhan Jaffari also visited SP Faisal and hailed him as a proud and honest officer who makes the police department proud. He praised him as a dedicated and determined officer who has made invaluable contributions to the police department. The incident highlights the dangers posed by random aerial firing during public celebrations, and the need for greater public awareness of the risks involved.

The community continues to offer prayers and support for SP Faisal’s full recovery. The Rawalpindi police department has urged the public to avoid aerial firing at weddings and other events, as it poses a serious threat to public safety. The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by irresponsible behavior and the need for greater vigilance in maintaining public safety.

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