ASP Taimoor Khan allegedly hits and abuses anti-riot force personnel during duty

Islamabad, 13 May: Today, as part of the Prime Minister’s visit to Jinnah House, anti-riot force personnel stationed at Afshan Chowk , Paltoon No. 42, Group No. 3 were on duty. During this time, ASP Taimoor Khan, SDPO Sarwar Road arrived at the Point.

A very shocking incident happened, at around 11:30 am, a heated argument broke out between ASP Taimur Khan and young personnel of the Anti-Riot Force during their duty at the Afshan Chowk, Jinnah House. Constable Mujahid (18801), Constable Sharakh (21625), and Constable Shahid (11893) were reprimanded by ASP Taimur for not performing their duty properly.

ASP Taimoor used foul language and started hitting the young personnel with sticks, causing the stick to break.

Afterward, ASP Taimoor immediately left in his vehicle. The young personnel from the anti-riot force are experiencing a great deal of distress and anger towards ASP Taimoor.

This incident raises serious concerns regarding the conduct of law enforcement officials and their treatment of fellow personnel. An investigation into this matter is urgently needed to ensure accountability and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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