Bharakahu police station Islamabad has been praised for its good performance.

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi
Islamabad: SHO Bharakahu police station SI Tariq Rauf and his team is performing so good. Bharakahu police station has been praised for its good performance. The station has been effective in tackling crime and maintaining law and order.

The SHO police station Bharakahu has issued a statement urging the public not to hesitate in coming forward to the police station with any information or concerns. The police station staff are there to serve the public and want to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable coming to them.

This is an important message from the police station, as many people may be hesitant to approach the police due to mistrust or fear. By urging the public not to hesitate, the SHO police station is hoping to build more trust and confidence between the police and the community.

The Police station has been able to effectively deal with the rising crime rate in the area. The station has also been able to maintain a good rapport with the community.

The Bharakahu police station is a model police station and is an example of how an effective police force can make a difference in the fight against crime.

For readers of Daily Information Times details of Police station Bharakahu is as under:-

Contact: 051-2230029 Location:Simli Road

Station Boundries.
Athaal, Bobrdi, Phalgran, Jang bangyal, Chater, Sakrila, Sban Syedan, Shahdra, bhara Kahu, Mandla, Mangial, Sangalian, Mera Bigwal, Dokh Jillani

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