China adopts quality growth model


China – the second-largest global economy – has officially launched “new quality productive forces” early this month to pursue high-quality development, aimed at further accelerating its economic output through deploying latest innovations and technologies where quality will take centre stage in all fields of life.

The tech advancement is expected to help introduce new industries and foster the global economy, as the share of Beijing in the world economy stood at 30% in 2023. It has been connected with around 150 nations through its aggressive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The quality productive forces are expected to further expand the influence of China, enabling it to challenge and change the world order, and give a tough time to competitors such as the US and India. Also, it has a lot to offer to its friends like Pakistan to spur growth.

Talking to The Express Tribune, China International Press Communication Centre Research and Media Fellow Muhammad Zamir Assadi said the new quality productive forces comprised cloud computing, Big Data, 5G advance internet, robotics, Internet of Things, high-end manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

Beijing is going to increasingly deploy innovative techniques and advanced technology, as it believes that conventional and traditional productive models have become obsolete with partial failure to perform during the Covid-19 pandemic. He said such productive forces had already become the driving force in the Chinese economy, but “this time around the focus is on quality along with quantity”. The adoption of the new model will gradually accelerate instead of coming into force overnight.

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