Do you feel safe in your own city?” Farhan Jafri

Rawalpindi: In a city that is increasingly becoming unsafe for its residents, the victims of criminal acts such as robbery, extortion, and street crime are being deprived of their vehicles, cash, and valuables. In the past month alone, twelve motorcycles, one car, and cash totaling several lakhs of rupees have been stolen from residents in various neighborhoods. Gold ornaments have also been stolen in a few cases.

Precipitous incidents took place at Sadiqabad police station, serving as a catalyst in the theft of Muhammad Moghiz’s automobile, Niaz Ali’s vehicle from Waris Khan’s jurisdiction, Nadeem Ahmed vehicles from Bani, Sisadi Ahmed cars from New Town, Fazal Karim vehicles from the airport, and so forth.

A new motorcycle is taken at gunpoint from Waqas Ahmed from the vicinity of the Peerwdhai Police Station. Two mobile phones from Muhammad Osama and Sheikh Abdul Haseeb. a motorbike at gunpoint from Hazratullah from the Airport Police Station, Bilal and Akash from a new police station in New Town.

Moreover 2 mobile phones were taken at gunpoint from Bilal and Akash from New Town police station limits. Faseeh’s mobile phone from Sadiqabad limits. 3 mobile phones were taken from Sabatin Haider and his friends.

Asad Iqbal told the Asadabad Police that unknown offenders got away with Rs. 200,000 in cash, valuable ornaments, rings valued at Rs. 55,000, and mobile phones from the house, police filed cases.


The police seeming unable to control the situation, residents are living in fear of becoming victims of crime themselves. The lack of safety is also deterring people from visiting certain areas of the city.

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