Eid shopping gains momentum in city markets

RAWALPINDI, Apr 16 : With Eid ul Fitr just around the corner, shopping has started to gain momentum in city markets with a large number of people, particularly women and children, flocking to main city markets, bazaars and malls.
With less than a week before Eid ul Fitr, the residents can be seen thronging shopping malls and other city markets.
People are seen rushing to buy dresses and household items.
Temporary stalls selling ready made clothes, bangles, earrings and cosmetics have also sprung up throughout the city.
The markets and bazaars in the city remained abuzz with customers on Saturday night as the buyers resorted to Eid shopping without being worried about the early closure of the shops.
A festive environment in shopping was noticed at the busy markets including Saddar, Lalkurti, Commercial Market, Moti Bazar, Tench Bhatta, Peoples Colony, Raja Bazaar and various other markets of the town.
Several local and international brands have begun displaying their latest Eid editions of dresses, shoes, and other essential accessories to attract buyers and gain maximum profits.
The shopkeepers have decorated their shops with colourful lights to attract the customers. The shopping frenzy is expected to reach its peak during next few days.
Families come out for shopping soon after iftar and seen buying shoes, cosmetics, ready-made garments, eye-catching artificial jewellery, multi-coloured bangles, and other items for the upcoming festival of Eid ul Fitr.
Women are busy in buying clothes, footwear, cosmetics, henna, bangles and other items. Big crowds of girls were witnessed on Saturday night on bangles and henna stalls in various areas of city.
Taking advantage of the shopping rush, some shopkeepers have also started to fleece the shoppers with both hands.
A bangle seller said, “The number of customers is gradually picking up and hopefully it will go further up as Eid ul Firt approaches.”
A customer said, “I have completed shopping for my kids and I have bought clothes and matching shoes.”
Hawkers are also making brisk sales of clothes, footwear, cosmetics, and other goods as these products are generally purchased by low-income people ahead of Eid, said another citizen.
Several Eid shoppers also complained of overpricing, especially of women’s and kids’ clothing.
They said that only the people with deep pockets could afford to complete their shopping lists as it is difficult to buy clothes, footwear and other accessories during these inflationary times.
“The prevailing price-hike is limiting me to be content with buying clothes only for my children,” said Rozina, a visitor to Chota Bazzar Saddar.
Shabana, a visitor to the Commercial Market, said buying bangles and henna were always one of the greatest Eid thrills.
She complained that the shopkeepers were exploiting the Eid shopping frenzy and overcharge the customers.
A shopkeeper at Raja Bazar said a great number of shoppers were thronging markets and that he was having a good business.
Rawalpindi police have increased the security of the bazaars and markets by deploying additional personnel.
Meanwhile, special arrangements have also been made by the City Traffic Police to ensure traffic flow.

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