Employees Haven’t Been Paid in Two Months, said Tahir Jafri

ISLAMABAD: Senior Journalist Tahir Jafri stated that,The Daily Jang is the largest newspaper in Pakistan and has been in operation for over 80 years. Its employees are some of the most dedicated and hardworking journalists in the country. However, they have not been paid in two months and are struggling to make ends meet.

He further said that Friends, journalistic authors, significant and junior journalists, you know that the workers in the largest organization of country, The Daily Jang, haven’t been paid for two months. Can anyone consider how the employees working in these poor conditions are able to survive for months? Yes, only a journalist living on halal income could comprehend what such people are going through, however, powermongers, blackmailers and brokers who profit the most from these newspapers’ owners are unlikely to be able to empathize.

For years I have been the voice of Daily Jang employees and will continue to speak against the company’s cruel behavior. It is widely believed that “a gram does not make a summer”. In this case,no one will be able to do anything alone so the power of the true journalists is of the utmost importance.

I don’t have any hopes anymore from hypocrites and I’d like to keep them away from that demonstration. With good intentions, Mr. Nawaz Raza, Mr. Afzal Butt, Mr. Parvez Shaukat, Mr. Mazhar Iqbal, and Mr. Malik Javed, Mr. Shakeel Qar, Mr. Anwar Raza, Mr. Qaiser Shah, Mr. Rana Kausar, Mr. Aamir Butt, Mr. Mudassar Chaudhary, Mr. Zahid Swati, Ms. Dr. Sadia Kamal, Ms. Fauzia Shahid, Ms. Farhat Fatima, Ms. Kulsoom Rana Ms. Fahmida Butt and other workers and colleagues are invited to participate in this demonstration.

It should be loud and clear that this demonstration will not be under the banner of any particular organization, it is your demonstration. I will advise Mir Shakeel’s leaders and workers who take money directly from the group not to participate in a protest. Stay away from those who are likely to find a job at a Jang group in the near future.
The date of the demonstration will be announced soon.

The youngest apprentice journalist Tahir Jafri.

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