FIA initiates inquiry against Aleema Khan for ‘anti-state’ speech

ISLAMABAD:The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) initiated  an inquiry on Saturday against Aleema Khan, the sister of PTI founder Imran Khan, over alleged hate and anti-state speech and ‘creating a divide’ between the people and the armed forces.

The agency has summoned Aleema on February 6 at 11 am.

The notice, issued by Assistant Director Investigation Ejaz Ahmed Sheikh, states that a FIA section officer, at the request of the Ministry of Interior, has initiated an inquiry (No.4/24) against Aleema.

It added that Aleema, charged with creating divisions between the people and the army by criminal conspiracy and anti-state speech, has to appear at the FIA Headquarters in Islamabad.


The notice was issued under Section 160 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and mentioned that Aleema has to ensure her presence at the inquiry, or legal action will be taken.

Aleema received the notice at her Lahore residence. Imran’s sister was also summoned by the FIA Cyber Crime Wing today for allegedly spreading “fear and panic” in society, which she skipped.

The notice issued in this regard directed Aleema to appear at the FIA Cybercrime Reporting Centre on Saturday at 11 am to provide clarification.

Earlier, the FIA had also summoned 65 people, including various journalists and social media activists, for allegedly running a malicious campaign targeting judges and institutions.

According to details, the FIA had been fully mobilised against running negative campaigns containing insulting and wrong information against the chief justice, senior judges and state institutions on social media.

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