Govt nothing to do with Imran’s arrest warrants, police implementing court’s orders: Marriyum

​ISLAMABAD, Mar 15 : Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Wednesday that the government had nothing to do with the arrest warrants of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan as police was implementing the court’s orders.

“Imran has been giving the impression that the government was arresting him, but media should inform the people about the actual position regarding Imran Khan’s arrest warrants,” she said while talking to media persons here.

“A cowardly person, a foreign agent, a Toshakahana thief, Tyrian’s father, a criminal of contempt of court is on the run from the police”, the minister said.

Without naming Imran Khan, she said this person was trying to give the impression that he was disabled and elderly, his leg was plastered and his life was in danger, Marriyum Aurangzeb said.

Castigating Imran, the minister said Imran had the habit of telling lies and had been claiming that he was ready for agitation but at the same time he was sick for appearance in the courts.

Terming Imran a hypocrite and cowardly person, she said the liar wanted anarchy and civil war in Pakistan.

She said Imran was desirous of creating chaos in Pakistan, and was misleading the people by blaming the government for his arrest order.

“If the government had to arrest (Imran), it had the power of the state, the authority was there, which Imran Khan used for the last four years by jailing his political opponents”, she said.

This person was hiding behind of children and women using them as a shield, she said, adding this person was using a human bunker and trying to give the impression that the government was arresting him and the government wanted to kill him.

The people of Pakistan should know that Imran Khan was wanted in the cases of foreign funding, Tyrian case, Toshakhana, Zeba judge contempt of court, she maintained.

The minister said the court issued the arrest warrant for Imran Khan and directed the police to produce him in the court after arrest.

Imran Khan should know that his political obituary had been written as no leader ever tried to take shelter behind women and children.

She said so far 65 police personnel had been injured while executing the court’s orders.

The minister said that police personnel deployed in Zaman Park to arrest Imran were not equipped with arms and ammunition, they had come to arrest a criminal on the court’s orders.

Taking a jibe on Imran Khan, she said the person who called himself “Bahadur Khan” was hiding under the bed today, though he had claimed to challenge United States.

She clarified that Imran Khan was a criminal who had been summoned by the court.

“If the court had arrested this person for violating the constitution, we would not have to see this day when he dissolved the National Assembly to defeat the no-confidence motion”, she remarked.

The court should have ordered his arrest on May 25, the day he created chaos in the country and innocent people lost lives, she said.

The court should have ordered his arrest the day the policeman was shot from the roof of the house of his party activist or the day when this man attacked the court with a mob.

“PTI is not a political party, it is a group of terrorists, the media should also tell the real facts of this ‘marathon’ to the people “, Marriyum Aurangzeb said.

The minister said so far 65 Police and Rangers personnel were injured and hospitalized in their bid to arrest him on court’s orders.

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