Illegal Purchase By Chairman PNRA Worths 77.845 Million.

By Syed Bilal Izzat. 20 September, 2022

Islamabad. PNRA Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Irregularly purchased house No 76, street No.111, Sector G-11/3 for residence of  it’s Chairman Worth for Rs.77.845 million back in 2013.

Behind the scenes, it was observed that above house was purchased without any open competition and house was purchased with direct negotiation with the owner that is entirely opposed to PPRA Rules. As per circular No. PNRA-PPRA-01/2000 dated 04.10.2010 which conveys the approval of  PNRA competent authority that the upper financial limit of Rs.500,000 has been fixed instead of Rs.100,000 for the procurement method request to quotation subject to fulfillment all other conditions as per PPRA rutes, 2004.

PNRA non-satisfactory is that house was purchased with direct negotiation with the owner
as proper response was not received against advertisement in the newspaper without open competition and
negotiations with seller as in (16) surveyed houses.”Chairman House concluded in its report, “‘The purchased house price was lowest among sixteen”  that is not allowed under PPRA rules.

Fact finding committee may be constituted to bring out the actual facts regarding price of the house as per prevailing market rates in 2013.»

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  • My own opinion is that everything has been done intentionally, it has not been done by mistake, it should brought to light and the authority of this position has misused his power in the institution. Nobody is supposed to voilate PPRA Rules. These kind of acts should be strongly condemned and it is unacceptable. The relevant institutions should take action against it.
    Appriciated the efforts of Mr. Syed Bilal Izat Naqvi for this outstanding efforts for the best interest of our beloved Country.
    Pakistan Zindabad

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