Islamabad Police Commendable Actions Under SDPO Ramna Abdullah Shaheryar’s Leadership

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi.


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police, under the new directive of Inspector General Ali Nasir Rizvi, has undertaken significant initiatives to combat crime, eliminate drug trafficking, and crack down on illegal weapons. The Ramna Circle, led by the dedicated and dynamic SDPO Ramna Abdullah Shahryar, has achieved remarkable results in addressing these critical issues.

Crime Fighting Achievements

Under SDPO Ramna Abdullah Shaheryar’s leadership, the Ramna Circle has made substantial strides in crime fighting. According to sources, the following notable achievements have been made:

  • Arrest of 10 gangs: A total of 21 criminals have been apprehended.
  • Recovery of stolen assets: The police recovered an amount totaling 47,98,000 PKR from these criminals.
  • Proclaimed offenders: 61 proclaimed offenders have been arrested.
  • Recovered stolen vehicles: The police recovered 10 stolen motorbikes and 5 cars.

Nasha AB Nahi – Anti-Drug Campaign

In the fight against drugs, the “Nasha AB Nahi” initiative has seen significant success under ASP Shaheryar’s leadership:

  • FIRs and arrests: The police stations in Ramna and Shalimar have registered 40 FIRs against drug traffickers, leading to the arrest of 43 drug dealers.
  • Recovered narcotics: The operations resulted in the seizure of 7 kgs of hashish, 6 kgs of heroin, 766 grams of ICE, and 208 ecstasy pills.

Crackdown on Illegal Weapons

Addressing the issue of illegal weapons, SDPO Ramna Abdullah Shaheryar has led the following successful actions:

  • FIRs against illegal weapons: 16 FIRs have been registered.
  • Seizure of weapons: The police have recovered 13 illegal pistols, 2 AK-47s, and 1 rifle.

SDPO Ramna Abdullah Shaheryar has demonstrated exceptional dedication and energy in his duties, making significant contributions to the safety and security of Islamabad. His leadership serves as an exemplary model for other officers in the force. The Islamabad Police recognizes and appreciates his efforts, emphasizing the need for more officers like him to maintain and enhance the city’s security.


The Islamabad Police is committed to maintaining law and order, ensuring the safety of its citizens, and upholding justice. Under the guidance of Inspector General Ali Nasir Rizvi, the force continues to strive for excellence in crime prevention, drug eradication, and the control of illegal arms.

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