Kidnapped on Ransom by SHO PS I-9 QASIM ZIA, Recovered Safely by Islamabad High Court

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi

ISLAMABAD : Mr. Muhammad Awais Paracha / petitioner, has filed the instant Writ Petition No.3643 of 2022 today, through Ch. Hasan Murtaza Mann, Advocate wherein he has levelled the allegation that his father has been illegally and unlawfully picked up and confined in lockup by S.H.O., Police Station Industrial Area, I-9,QASIM ZIA since yesterday, and the police is demanding ransom amounting to rupees six crores.

Honourable Mr. Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri  directed to immediately recover the alleged detenu from Police Station Industrial Area, I-9, Islamabad, take into possession the Roznamcha, S.H.O., was also directed to appear, in person.

In compliance of order, Bailiff has recovered the alleged detenue and produced him before the Court alongwith Roznamcha. S.H.O. is also present in the Court, he states that detenue is an accused in case F.I.R. No.1055/22, dated 23.08.2022, offence under Section 406 P.P.C., registered at Police Station Industrial Area, I-9, Islamabad which is the matter regarding sale and purchase of property and payment of amount etc., subsequently, the matter was resolved and upon statement of the complainant, police has prepared the report for cancellation of F.I.R. on 31.08.2022 but the same was not presented before the Court of learned Judicial Magistrate, the said cancellation report is intact, however, S.H.O. states that D.S.P. has not agreed with the cancellation report vide order dated 12.09.2022,

while examining, it shows that the said order of D.S.P. on a plain white paper, has freshly been prepared as no Zimni has been written in this regard. When inquired, S.H.O. has admitted that alleged detenue namely Muhammad Naeem Paracha, is not formally arrested in this case, whereas confined in the Police Station Industrial Area, Islamabad since yesterday evening, no proper record of arrest of the detenue is incorporated in the Daily Roznamcha.

The alleged detenue namely Muhammad Naeem Paracha has also stated that he was supposedly detained unlawfully and forcefully by S.H.O.,I-9 Qasim Zia and some other Police officers outside of his home Yesterday, was confined in a small room. S.H.O. was pressuring him to give an amount of rupees six crores. He was not even allowed to use the bathroom, and he states that S.H.O.’s attitude was highly biased, cruel and harsh.

In view of above, the petitioner is also directed to file an application for registration of F.I.R. in the concerned police station against the SHO Qasim Zia and team involved in the matter, the alleged detenue is ordered to be released forthwith, he shall not be arrested without permission of this Court, in this case, as the cancellation report has already been prepared on 31.08.2022, by the S.H.O.

Inspector General of Police, Islamabad is directed to immediately suspend the S.H.O., Police Station Industrial Area, Islamabad Qasim Zia  and appoint new SHO in the said police station. Order of suspension be produced in the Court tomorrow morning 09:00 a.m.

Director F.I.A. Crime Circle, Islamabad is directed to conduct inquiry in the instant matter and submit report within a period of ten (10) days

Mr. Khalid Mehmood Dhoon, learned Assistant Attorney General, on Court call present in the Court, is directed to convey the order of this Court to Inspector General of Police, Islamabad, forthwith.

The man’s release is a victory for human rights in Pakistan. It is also a reminder that the country’s judicial system is capable of holding law enforcement accountable. it highlights the alleged mistreatment of detainees by police officers in Islamabad. If these allegations are true, they underscore the need for reform in the country’s law enforcement system.


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