Lady Driver Fleeing the Scene of an Accident Caught by Another Brave Lady Driver

Islamabad: A lady rash driver brutally hit a motorbike near F10 Islamabad after hitting the bike set on fire. The lady ran away but was caught by another Brave Lady Driver.
On Friday evening a lady driver in a Toyota VITZ ACT 500 ICT, hit a bike, the driver then attempted to flee the scene
However, she was caught by another brave lady driver who was passing by in a black Landcruiser LA-066. The second driver confronted the first and demanded that she stop and take responsibility for her actions.

The victims of the hit-and-run, are being treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital.

This story is newsworthy because it is an unusual event – usually it is men who are involved in hit-and-runs, not women. It is also newsworthy because it highlights the bravery of the Landcruiser driver who stopped to help the victim.

Witnesses say that the driver was speeding and lost control of her vehicle before hitting the motorcyclist.
This incident is a reminder of how dangerous rash driving can be. It is always fatal.


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