“Making the Impossible Possible: Enablers Aid Pakistan’s Entrepreneurs” Syed Khizar Humayun

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…


Enablers Devoted to Helping Pakistan Become a World-Class eCommerce Hub.

ISLAMABAD: Syed Khizar Humayun, an Enablers Consultant Trainer and a six-figure Wholesale FBA seller on Amazon in the US marketplace, says that “Enablers, a leading eCommerce company headed by SAQIB AZHAR, a top-rated eCommerce mentor of Pakistan, is determined to help his country become one of the largest eCommerce hubs in the world. The company’s team has exclusively devoted itself to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and supporting them in building their own businesses”.

While talking to Daily Information times he further said that the goal of Enablers is to make the Pakistani market more competitive and make it easier for people to access better services and products. The company provides resources such as training, workshops, mentorship, and more that will help local entrepreneurs succeed.

To ensure everyone can benefit from these resources, Enablers is offering them “WORC” that Is a Co-working spaces by Enablers – A platform for the community of entrepreneurs.

  • A 17-Year-Old Student Achieves Entrepreneurial Success with Help from Enablers

In a remarkable testament to human determination and perseverance, a 17-year-old student “AMIN ULLAH” from D.I. Khan is making an incredible success in the world of entrepreneurship. With the mentorship of Khizar’s from Enablers, the young student has managed to generate an impressive income of 500 US dollars each month within just four months.

Amin Ullah was born in D.I. Khan and is the first in his family to finish school, he had to support his family and chose to pursue entrepreneurship as a career path. After joining forces with an enabler and mentor program in Islamabad, Amin Ullah quickly put into practice the skills he learned in just four months and earned 500 US dollars per month. His success has inspired other youth in Pakistan to follow his footsteps and pursue entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

The story of this 17-year-old student is living proof that anything is possible if you have the right guidance and resources.

Pakistan is home to a vast and talented pool of entrepreneurs who are ready to take the world by storm. However, the lack of guidance and access to resources has been a major barrier in their success. Enter ecommerce mentor Saqib Azhar , who is helping these entrepreneurs reach new heights by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge they need to succeed.


Saqib Azhar understands that Pakistan’s youth have plenty of potential but just need someone to show them the right path. He has spent years working with budding entrepreneurs all over the country, teaching them how to monetize their skills and use digital platforms to grow their businesses. With his help, many of these entrepreneurs have gone on to become successful business owners and even innovators in their own right.

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