Mother of two daughters killed by husband in Karachi

KARACHI March 20 : A man in Karachi’s Usmanabad area fatally stabbed and killed his wife on Monday after a reported quarrel between the couple. 

The woman, a mother of two daughters, was stabbed with a sharp tool according to the police in an apartment located near Pakistan Hotel.

The body of the victim was shifted to Civil Hospital. She was identified as 40-year-old Tahira and was stabbed reportedly stabbed by her husband, Atiq, who fled the scene after the incident.

Police officials say the victim would work and earn herself to support her two daughters and herself. After neighbours checked on the house following the quarrel, they heard the two young girls crying.

Upon entering the apartment, they found the victim’s body with a stab wound to the abdomen. The victim’s daughters said that their father ran away after killing their mother.


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