Ninth Grade Student Unjustly Targeted by Police Officer

A young boy was wrongfully accused and sent to prison after a police officer falsely believed a junk yard (kabarkhana) was actually a gems and jewels shop.

ISLAMABAD: Zahid Hameed ASI, a police officer in the in Bhara Kahu Islamabad, has registered a fake theft FIR against a ninth grade student who recently achieved a remarkable 90 per cent marks in his exams. This incident has caused outrage among the local community, with many questioning the credibility of the police officer’s judgement.

A shocking incident occurred in Islamabad Bhara kahu city when a ninth-grade student was brutally attacked by two men while trying to retrieve his school uniform shirt that had fallen on an adjacent vacant plot on 29-11-2022. Reports indicate that the boy had gone to pick up his shirt when the two Afghani men, who were operating a kabarkhana nearby, held him and proceeded to beat him up.

The father of the boy had gone to the Kabarkhana to search for his son after learning that he had been taken there by unknown persons. However, when he arrived at the location, he was also viciously attacked by several men who were present on site. The father was then held against his will.

This incident had caused great distress for both of them, with the crime being committed against the father and his  15 years old son by a Afghani Kabarkhana owners.

father and his son have filed an application with the SHO Fazal e Khaliq, who assigned the application to ASI Zahid Hameed. According to reports, Zahid Hameed allegedly demanded a bribe of fifty thousand rupees for the processing of the application. This news is particularly shocking, as it shows a lack of integrity in law enforcement officers and undermines public trust in the justice system.

Zahid Hameed then received a bribe- token of rupees twenty thousand for legal help and FIR.

Accused (Afghani) persons were called in to answer for their alleged crime. However, rather than facing the legal process, they chose to offer a bribe of 2 lakh rupees to ASI Zahid Hameed in an attempt to scuttle the legal process. Unfortunately, Zahid Hameed accepted this amount and received the bribe, making it an unfair situation.

The ordeal began when ASI Zahid Hameed refused to carry out a medico legal examination on victims who had sustained severe injuries due to that incident. This delay not only caused further suffering but also denied the victims their right to obtain prompt medical treatment.

Furthermore, it was discovered that Zahid Hameed then proceeded to harass the victims in order to illegally gain more money from them. This includes objectifying the victims and falsely accusing them of criminal activities and arrested them in a theft FIR.


Sub divisional police officer Bhara Kahu ASP Mian Ali Raza on questioning told that he will inquire the matter on merit and help the victims shortly.

Superintendent of police city zone Hussain Tahir told that he is personally inquiring the matter and will extend all possible help to the victims of section 377 CrPC, illegal detention and misuse of local police against the innocent citizens.

IGP Islamabd office when contacted they replied that their complaint is being registered here and matter will be investigated, justice will be done and justice will be seen being done to the victims.

ASI Zahid Hameed  is employed by the Islamabad Police and is responsible for upholding the law and maintaining justice. This incident is therefore very concerning as it implies that justice may not be served fairly if people are willing to pay a certain amount. The incident has been reported and authorities are currently investigating further into what happened.

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