Notorious Afghan National Groups Flourish in Rawalpindi City

RAWALPINDI: Area of Shakrial in Rawalpindi has become a haven for notorious illegal Afghan national groups. These groups have been thriving in the region due to the apparent lack of enforcement by local authorities, creating an alarming situation for the citizens of Shakrial.

The area falls in the jurisdiction of Police Station Sadiqabad and yet these criminal elements have managed to operate with impunity. Reports coming from inside the area speak of drug trafficking, robberies, extortion and other illegal activities that are putting the lives of citizens at risk.

These criminal elements are believed to be involved in organized crime including human smuggling and counterfeiting operations as well. The situation has become dire enough that locals are living in fear and feel helpless against these powerful criminal gangs.

The local authorities have taken little action so far despite complaints from locals about these unlawful activities.

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