Plane lands safely after developing technical fault

ISLAMABAD, April 17: A passenger plane carrying 277 passengers from Doha to Islamabad experienced technical issues during landing, however, the pilot managed to keep the plane airborne before making a safe landing.

After the landing, the plane was inspected and damage was found on the tail, indicating that an object had struck it. As a result, the plane was grounded for repairs.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson confirmed this.

The pilot had informed the tower of a “go-around” due to an unstable landing, and the plane landed safely on the second attempt.

In accordance with SOPs, the pilot’s blood and urine samples were obtained for testing. Airbus was also notified of the incident.

The AAIB members inspected the aircraft, and a detailed report is being prepared.

The airline also arranged for the passengers to be transferred to a hotel.

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