Prominent KPK Figures Congratulate Ayub Family on Election Victory,


In a significant development following the 2024 elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), prominent businessmen and well-known political and social figures, Syed Naqash Haider, Syed Tabeer Naqvi, and Azam Khan Tareen, extended their heartfelt congratulations to Umer Ayub Khan, Yousaf Ayub Khan, Akbar Ayub Khan, and Arshad Ayub Khan on their remarkable win. Their victory marks a momentous occasion for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the province of KPK.

The trio of esteemed figures expressed their joy and optimism about the leadership prospects under the Ayub family. They lauded the Ayub Khan family members for their kindness, sincerity, and dedicated service to the people of KPK. The support from such significant figures in the KPK business and social circles highlights the broad-based endorsement of the Ayub family’s political vision and governance approach.

In a statement, they mentioned, “We are blessed to have the leadership of PTI in our province. Umer Ayub Khan, Yousaf Ayub Khan, Akbar Ayub Khan, and Arshad Ayub Khan are not only remarkable leaders but also kind-hearted and sincere individuals dedicated to the welfare of KPK.”

Furthermore, the trio expressed their support for Akbar Ayub Khan’s appointment as the new Chief Minister of KPK. They emphasized that Akbar Ayub Khan’s extensive experience, proven track record in various ministerial roles, and his visionary leadership make him the most suitable candidate for the CM position.

“The leadership of Akbar Ayub Khan as the Chief Minister will usher in a new era of development, prosperity, and peace for KPK. His commitment to addressing the needs and challenges of our province is unparalleled, and we fully support his vision for a better future for KPK,” they added.

This endorsement from such influential figures in KPK is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in the Ayub family’s ability to lead the province towards greater heights. The collective hope is that under their leadership, KPK will experience significant progress in all sectors, benefiting the entire populace.

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