Railways to operate five special Eid trains

LAHORE, April 13: In anticipation of the upcoming festivities of Eidul Fitr, Pakistan Railways has announced plans to operate five special trains to meet high passenger flow during the festival. The special trains are set to provide convenient and comfortable travel options for those celebrating the joyous occasion.

The first of the special trains will commence its journey from Karachi and make its way to Peshawar Cantt, while the second train will travel from Quetta to Rawalpindi on April 18. On April 19, the third special train will embark from Karachi, heading towards Lahore. The fourth special train is scheduled to depart from Rawalpindi, making its way to Quetta on April 26. Lastly, the fifth and final special Eid train will set off from Lahore to Karachi on April 27.

The special trains are a welcome initiative by the railways department to cater to the needs of people who want to spend their holidays with their loved ones. The provision of the additional travel options aims to ease the burden on regular train services.

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