Raja Muhammad Bilal is the true spokesman of the people says Malik Jibran Anjum

RAJA MUHAMMAD BILAL Candidate of byelection Ward 2 Wahcantt

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

Wah Cantt: Raja Muhammad Bilal, an activist from Ward 2 in Wahcantt , is the true spokesman of the people, according to Malik Jibran Anjum CEO (JK Arcade, Jahari Kass) .

Raja Muhammad Bilal  has been working to improve conditions in his community for years. Recently, he has been gaining attention for his work fighting for better schools and healthcare in Ward 2 Wahcantt.

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“Bilal is the real deal. He’s someone who cares deeply about his community and isn’t afraid to speak up for what’s right,” said famous businessman Shahid Zaman . “He’s the true spokesman of the people.”


Bilal’s work has earned him a lot of support from residents of Ward 2. He is quickly becoming a leader in his community, and Anjum believes he has the potential to make real change in Pakistan.


Giving the party ticket to Councilor Ward 2 Raja Muhammad Bilal in the Cantt by-election is a reflection of the long-standing demand of the people of the ward.

Senior leaders deserve tribute for this good decision of PTI who have implemented real change by giving tickets to an educated and determined worker like Raja Bilal, keeping in mind the wishes of the people of the ward and a better future. Remember that this seat was vacant due to the death of Cantt Board member

Malik Jibran Anjum CEO JK Arcade Jhari Kass

Malik Jibran Anjum further said that the services of Raja Muhammad Bilal’s father Mr. Raja Hanif as the President of Anjuman Tajran Wah Cantt are valued by the people of Wah Cantt and especially the people of Ward 2 even today. And Raja Bilal is also advancing his father’s mission of serving the people in a beautiful way and because of these services, the people of Ward 2 have openly decided to support Raja Bilal in the by-election. Just like the last few days, the major factions of Varad 2 are rapidly joining Raja Bilal’s convoy. And this is a clear argument for Raja Bilal’s victory


We hope that Raja will play a special role in solving the long-standing problems of Ward 2 on priority basis after being successful.

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