Stop Illegal Steel from Iran to Pakistan During Eid Holidays

Pakistant We’ve just found out from reliable sources that a huge amount of steel is about to be illegally brought from Iran to Pakistan during the Eid holidays. Around 25,000 tons of steel, including bars, angles, pipes, sheets, and plates, are ready to be smuggled across the border from Iran, near the Panjgur area.

Some corrupt customs officers are involved, planning to pretend this steel is just scrap to avoid taxes and regulations. This is bad news for Pakistan because it hurts our local steel companies and everyone who follows the rules and pays their taxes.

The Pakistan Association of Large Steel Producers (PALSP) needs to step up and do something about this. We’re calling on them to use their power to stop this smuggling. If they don’t, it could mean trouble for local businesses that make or sell steel the right way and hurt our economy.

PALSP should work with the law and government to make sure this doesn’t happen. We need to protect our local industries and make sure everyone plays by the rules.

Let’s all work together to stop this illegal steel smuggling. It’s important for the future of our businesses and our country.

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