Twitter storm after ‘boys will be boys’ makes it to CSS exam

KARACHI: “Boys will be boys” took social media by storm on Wednesday as it became the top trend in Pakistan after it was one of topics in the English section of the Central Superior Services (CSS) 2023 exams. The English essay is notorious for being one of the most difficult parts of the CSS exams to clear.

As soon as the exam ended, applicants took to social media sharing how the bizarre topic made an appearance in the examinations.

On one hand, it ignited chucklesome takes and on the other it raised the debate of not holding boys accountable resulting in toxic masculinity and perpetuating patriarchal norms.

A twitter user praised the examiner for putting forward a topic of discussion that is necessary. “Boys will be boys is actually in favour of women if you look between the lines. It targets toxic masculinity and male privilege where women are mistreated and subjugated. Aim was to emancipate women in this. Competitive exam for a reason.”

The CSS is one of one of most popular examinations in Pakistan with 32,059 candidates appearing each year. In 2022, 20,262 candidates took the exam with only 1.94 percent passing.


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