Wild Duck survives with knife stuck in its neck

FRANCE, April 10: Animal rescuers in Brittany, France were left astonished by a wild duck that appeared to lead a normal life, despite having a knife lodged in its neck.

The Pinocchio et Sauvageons association, who found the duck, nicknamed it Donald, and watched in amazement as the mallard went about his daily routine with the red knife handle sticking out of his neck. This had caught the attention of many in Saint-Nolff, north-western France.

What intrigued the onlookers was how unaffected the duck seemed by the wound. Donald swam effortlessly alongside other ducks, walked around on its webbed feet, and fed normally. However, the animal rescuers at Pinocchio et Sauvageons knew that if the knife remained lodged in the duck’s neck, it could become a serious problem. So, they decided to take action.

Despite his wound, Donald was in excellent physical shape, making him extremely difficult to catch. After several failed attempts, the rescuers were able to capture and sedate the bird on March 31. The surgical procedure to remove the blade was a success, and following a brief period of rest and recuperation, the duck was set free.

Pinocchio et Sauvageons kept a watchful eye on Donald for several weeks after his release and reported that he was doing great and did not seem to have any lingering effects from the incident. The incredible story of the resilient wild duck that defied all odds and managed to survive with a knife lodged in its neck has captured the hearts and minds of many, and serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of the animal kingdom.

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