Zero tolerance for bad eggs! CPO Rawalpindi SHEHZAD Nadeem Bukhari

Rawalpindi: CPO Rawalpindi SHEHZAD NADEEM BUKHARI ordered service dismissal for ex-SHO Tahir Rehan, Iftikhar SI & An  ASI of PS Sadiqabad.

On the basis of a citizen’s complaint, He has ordered the service dismissal of ex-SHO Tahir Rehan, Iftikhar SI & Shehzad ASI of PS Sadiqabad. A FIR has been registered in this regard.

The three officers had been suspended from duty earlier on suspicion of corruption and dereliction of duty. However, an inquiry was ordered to investigate the matter further.

The inquiry found that the officers were indeed guilty of corruption and dereliction of duty, and he therefore ordered their service dismissal. This is a strong message that CPO Rawalpindi  will not tolerate such behaviour from our public servants.

He has announced a crackdown on the qabza mafia and criminal elements in the city. This comes after a recent spate of violence and crime in the city. CPO Rawalpindi Police has said that these elements will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. This is a welcome move by the police and will help to restore law and order in the city 

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