CPO Rawalpindi Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari Applying All Efforts for Bridging the Gaps Between Citizens and Police.

CPO Rawalpindi Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari

CPO Rawalpindi Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari's profile picture

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi

Rawalpindi: CPO Rawalpindi Police Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari Committed to Bridging the Gaps between Citizens and Police.

It is newsworthy because the CPO Police Rawalpindi are taking active measures to improve their relationship with the citizens they serve. The goal is to have a more open and trusting relationship between the police and the community.


The CPO Police Rawalpindi is working hard to bridge the gap between citizens and police. He is making sure that all officers are highly trained and well equipped to deal with any situation. He is also increasing transparency and communication with the public.


The CPO Police Rawalpindi is committed to providing the best possible service to the community. He is working hard to build trust and create a safer environment for everyone.

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