Heightened Security Measures in Islamabad’s High-Security Zone

By Engr. Muhammad Sajid Wasri;

Islamabad, Nov 21: In a move to enhance security, Islamabad’s Capital Police has implemented strict measures in the High-Security Zone and High courts. Visitors to the High-Security Zone are now required to verify their identity upon entry, contributing to a more thorough screening process.

Authorities are also encouraging citizens to collaborate with law enforcement officers in the High-Security Zone, emphasizing the importance of a joint effort to maintain safety. The initiative aims to create a sense of shared responsibility among residents and law enforcement.

Similarly, within the High courts, officers are diligently carrying out their duties to uphold justice and ensure the smooth operation of the judicial system.

This proactive approach underscores the commitment of Islamabad’s law enforcement to public safety, fostering a secure environment through cooperation between citizens and authorities.

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