Naseerabad Police Conducts Operation, Apprehends Kite Sellers; Seizes 1500 Kites and 23 Spools

Rawalpindi, Nov 26:   In a proactive move against the illicit sale and use of kites, the Naseerabad Police executed a successful operation resulting in the arrest of kite sellers involved in the hazardous trade. Several individuals were taken into custody, and law enforcement seized 1500 kites and 23 spools of string.

The seemingly innocent pastime of kite flying has taken a perilous turn in recent times, with incidents of “kite fighting” resulting in injuries and, tragically, even fatalities. This perilous activity involves using abrasive strings to cut the strings of rival kites, posing a significant threat to human lives.

“The matter of kite flying has escalated to a life-threatening level, with individuals engaging in activities that not only jeopardize their own lives but also endanger others,” commented Superintendent of Police, Muhammad Waqas Khan.

The apprehended individuals, known for their involvement in the kite trade, now face legal consequences. Authorities emphasize that stringent measures will be taken against those who put human lives at risk through the sale and use of perilous kites.

“To curb this menace and ensure public safety, a crackdown against kite sellers will persist. Stringent legal action will be taken against those who participate in kite flying that poses a threat to human life,” Superintendent Khan added.

Law enforcement agencies have underscored the importance of sustained efforts to combat the sale of kites and related materials. The enforcement of rigorous measures, including continual monitoring and operations, is deemed crucial to mitigating the risks associated with kite flying.

As the crackdown intensifies, authorities are resolute in their commitment to safeguarding the public from the hazards of kite flying. Superintendent Muhammad Waqas Khan affirmed that the crackdown against kite sellers will persist to uphold the rule of law and protect the well-being of the community in Naseerabad.

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