Imran should not worry about next budget as facility of getting “selected ” no more available: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD, May 06 (APP):Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Saturday that Imran Khan should not worry about next fiscal year’s budget as “the facility of getting selected was no more available and the facilitators had also gone.

In a statement in reaction to Imran Khan’s remarks, she said that Result Transmission System now has been fixed in the country.

The government which destroyed the economy, and caused unprecedented inflation and unemployment for four years will never come to power again, she maintained.

The minister said the government which isolated the country on the foreign front, closed the CPEC, and stopped the country’s development process will not come to power again.

“Now the budget will be prepared only for the people and not for Farah Gogi and Bushra Begum”, she said.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said now flour, sugar, electricity and gas will not become the budget of the mafia, it will be the budget of the people.

Elections will be held, but the foreign agent, Toshakhana watch thief and Tyrian’s father will cry and shout on the streets, she said.

Castigating Imran she said, he was claiming to stand with Supreme Court because he wanted to escape punishment in Tosha Khana, foreign funding, and Tyrian’s paternity case.

She said Imran played with the constitution for the sake of power and violated it for the sake of power.

The minister said Imran insulted the representatives of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the sake of power and made a conspiracy of cipher for the sake of power.

She said it was strange that Imran was talking about IMF who violated the deal with IMF signed by himself.

She said that Imran stole watches, grabbed land, received illegal foreign funding, and raised the price of flour, sugar and electricity tariffs.

Taking a jibe on Imran, she said he prepared the budget for Farah Gogi and Bushra Bibi, and borrowed over 20,000 billion and he made a huge budget worth £190 million pounds received from the UK.

Imran made a lot of budgets which hit the country with inflation and made people hungry and unemployed, she said.

The minister stated that elections will be held simultaneously in the country on completion of the constitutional term.

She said the PTI “crashed” because of Imran’s actions, his looting, dirty conspiracies, corruption and incompetence.

The incompetent foreign agent was not elected in the past and will never come to power in the future, she remarked.

That government was going to make a budget which will be elected again and give employment to the people, she said.

The government was going to make a budget that will be business-friendly and provide job opportunities to the people.

The government that will be re-elected was going to make a budget that will eliminate inflation and poverty.

The budget would be made by the government which provided bread, electricity, and gas to the country at affordable prices, but during Imran era, these commodities prices shot up.

The minister said the budget was being prepared by the government which eliminated terrorism and load-shedding from the country, which staged a comeback in the PTI rule.

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