Islamabad Traffic Police Officers Honored at Farewell Hi-Tea By Syed Mustafa Tanweer

ISLAMABAD: On the occasion of their retirement, Islamabad Traffic Police officers were honored with a farewell hi-tea by Syed Mustafa Tanvir, head of the department. The event was attended by the large number of officers from the department, who expressed their gratitude for the years of service and dedication of their colleagues.

SSP traffic police Islamabad Syed MUSTAFA TANWEER said that The officers who are retiring from the department will be greatly missed, but they can be proud of the legacy they have left behind. The department wished them all the best in their future endeavors.

He also directed the staffers that all out efforts would be made for providing disciplined traffic system to the road users and implement equal application of law and curb the traffic violation and briefed the ITP personnel and said that they (ITP Personnel) should be polite but firm on their stance while enforcement.

The Islamabad Traffic Police has been instrumental in maintaining order on the city’s roads and ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike. The department has earned a reputation for excellence and its officers are held in high esteem by the community.

SSP traffic is a very kind hearted and honest man who has always been helpful to the staff. The officers of Islamabad Traffic Police expressed their gratitude to SSP traffic for his support and cooperation. SSP Traffic Police is a thoughtful individual. But strict consequences can be expected for those who mistreat general public while on duty.

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