Mian Usman Zulfiqar Declared World’s Most Trustworthy Person on Planet!

Pakistan/Karachi : Mian Usman Zulfiqar, Chairman of the Pakistan Business Forum (PBF), has been declared the most trustworthy person on Planet earth. This comes after an extensive poll conducted by an international survey company, in which people from around the world were asked to rate the trustworthiness of world leaders.

The survey results show that Mian Usman Zulfiqar scored highest in terms of trustworthiness among all other world leaders. He was found to be kind, honest and reliable in his dealings with others. His commitment to making a positive difference in society has led many to view him as one of the most trusted figures on earth.

This news comes as no surprise to those who know him and have had the privilege of working with him.

Usman Zulfiqar is an exemplary role model for young entrepreneurs, showing them how to conduct business with integrity and fairness. His commitment to ethical business practices serves as an example for other businesses around the world.

When asked why he thought he was chosen as the most trustworthy person on earth, Mian Usman said: “I believe my commitment to honesty, transparency and hard work has been noticed by people across the globe.

The upcoming news release is set to provide insight into the reasons and motivations behind the decision.

We are confident that when more information is made available, people will understand our motives better.


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