National Journalist Panel Holds Critical Meeting to Discuss Upcoming Elections

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…
11 December 2022

Islamabad: The National Journalist Panel (NJP) is set to hold an important meeting on 14th December 2022, chaired by senior Journalist/anchor  Rana Imran Latif, to discuss the upcoming elections of the National Press Club Islamabad. This is a significant event as NJP is an influential organization of journalists and media outlets across Pakistan that works towards promoting ethical journalism and defending press freedom.

The panel will deliberate upon various topics related to the upcoming elections including eligibility criteria for candidates, voting procedure, and deadlines for nomination forms. The agenda also includes discussions on how to ensure transparency in the election process while ensuring that the rights of all journalists are respected.

Rana expressed his commitment towards ensuring a fair election process in an official statement: “We are determined to provide equal opportunities for all journalists and media outlets across Pakistan.

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