Mr. Abdul Hadi is a Naib Tehsildar an Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer and a Magistrate. “unfair to the citizens of Islamabad”

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi

Islamabad: Mr. Abdul Hadi is working same time as a Naib Tehsildar (BS-14)  an Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer (BS-16 ) and as a Magistrate. Has been unfairly passed over for promotion to the position of Excise & Taxation Officer, Islamabad “This is not only unfair to Mr. Abdul Hadi, but also to the citizens of Islamabad who rely on him for fair and just tax collection, and to the other officers who are waiting for these posts.”


We’ll define the responsibilities of all three positions separately to understand how a single officer can possibly  manage them at same time.

Naib Tehsildar.

In Pakistan, a naib tehsildar is an administrative officer who is responsible for revenue collection and other matters in a tehsil. A tehsil is an administrative division of a district. The naib tehsildar reports to the tehsildar.

He is a gazetted officer. The naib tehsildar is the deputy of Tehsildar and is responsible for providing information on land record, revenue, general administration, and other administrative duties. data of population and other relevant matters. He also performs judicial functions such as collection of revenue, recovery of arrears of revenue. He is in charge of revenue collection and related works in the tehsil. He is also responsible for maintaining law and order in the tehsil.



A magistrate is an officer of the state who is responsible for the administration of justice.  They are responsible for the fair and impartial administration of justice in their district.

Magistrates have a wide range of powers. They can issue warrants, summon witnesses, and order the arrest of accused persons. They can also try cases summarily and impose punishments such as fines or imprisonment. In serious cases, they can commit an accused person to trial by jury.

Magistrates play a vital role in the Pakistani judicial system and they play an important role in ensuring that justice is served.


Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer’s.

The Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer is responsible for the administration of taxes and excise duties in Islamabad. They also collect these taxes and duties from taxpayers. The Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer also keeps records of taxpayers and their tax liabilities. They prepare reports on these taxes and submit them to the Director Excise & taxation. The Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer also superintends the work of all subordinate officials in the tax office.


Government of Pakistan employs Mr. Hadi in Islamabad for three different posts, which is unfair as it means that the government does not have enough officers for managing tasks. This overburdening of Mr. Hadi’s workload is unfair and could lead to subpar performance in all three of his positions. The government needs to hire more officers to manage its tasks, or else it will continue to overburden its existing employees.

Mr. Hadi is employed by the government in Islamabad and holds three different, very important and very busy positions. It is unfair how a single officer can work efficiently in three different posts at the same time.

Mr. Hadi’s workload is excessive and unmanageable, and as a result, his work suffers. This is unfair to the citizens of Islamabad who rely on Mr. Hadi for efficient and effective government services.

We call on the government to investigate this matter and take appropriate action to ensure that Mr. Hadi can adequately fulfill his duties as a government employee.

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