Oliver Hudson Felt ‘Unprotected’ Growing Up With Goldie Hawn

In a candid discussion on the “Sibling Revelry” podcast, hosted with Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson delves into confronting childhood trauma and familial issues.


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Despite praising Goldie Hawn as an “amazing” mother, he reveals the challenges of growing up without a consistent father figure and Hawn’s sporadic presence.

The dynamic between Oliver and his parents, particularly the absence of a consistent father figure after Goldie Hawn’s marriage to Bill Hudson ended in 1982, was a focal point of the conversation.

Goldie’s subsequent long-term relationship with Kurt Russell introduced new family dynamics.


Throughout the podcast, Kate and Oliver explored these personal topics, shedding light on the complexities of their family life.

On the show, Oliver detailed his transformative time at the Hoffman Institute. This retreat specializes in dissecting and understanding family-induced patterns, particularly those stemming from parents and step-parents.

Oliver, the son of Bill Hudson and celebrated actress Goldie Hawn, opened up about his childhood “trauma,” primarily due to a lacking father role and the intermittent presence of Hawn.

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“This was my own perception as a child who didn’t have a dad and who needed her to be there, you know, and she just wasn’t sometimes,” he shared.

His pivotal moment arose after attending a session at the Hoffman Institute. There, he underwent an “incredible week of enlightenment,” reshaping his views on his parents with newfound forgiveness and empathy, recognizing they too were shaped by their pasts.

“The forgiveness and the compassion that you feel towards them at the end of this process is unbelievable,” Hudson reflected. The Hoffman Process illuminated the recurring nature of parental behaviors and broadened his understanding of his parents’ own struggles.

This candid discussion between the Hudson siblings offers a profound insight into the intersections of fame, family, and personal growth.

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