Prince William and Kate Middleton not keen on Prince Harry’s visit during Kate’s recovery

Prince William and Kate Middleton are not looking forward to Prince Harry’s anticipated visit to the UK in May, according to reports from various news sources in the UK.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly concerned about potential “drama” that might accompany Harry’s presence, compromising the family’s privacy amidst Kate’s ongoing battle with cancer.

Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis has already garnered significant public interest since its disclosure.

It was revealed that Harry and Meghan Markle were not informed about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis prior to its public announcement, prompting discussions about trust issues within the royal family.

The Sussexes publicly wished Prince William and Kate “health and healing” while also reportedly extending private support.

Sources close to the royal family have emphasised William and Kate’s desire for peace and quiet during this challenging time, with one representative stating that they are “content to let sleeping dogs lie” in reference to their relationship with Harry and Meghan.


Following the Princess of Wales’ earlier announcement of her cancer diagnosis via video statement, social media platforms buzzed with varied reactions.

While some users expressed regret for making memes and ridiculing her absence from the public eye, others quickly latched onto a new conspiracy theory: that the video was generated by artificial intelligence.

Videos began circulating on platforms like TikTok, X, and Facebook, highlighting alleged AI anomalies, such as disappearing and reappearing items on Kate’s hand or unusual movements in her hair.

The speculation surrounding Catherine’s health intensified following a series of puzzling events, including a statement from Kensington Palace in January regarding her “successful” abdominal surgery, followed by her prolonged absence from public view.

Then, in early March, the palace released a photo of Kate with her three young children, later admitting to the image being edited.

These incidents fueled further speculation and conspiracy theories among both social media users and major news organisations, adding to the complexities of the royal family’s ongoing challenges.

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