SC summons DG customs in NCP vehicle case

Justice Isa wonders whether people bring cars in their pockets


The Supreme Court has summoned director general customs for not answering the court’s questions in case of non-custom paid (NCP) vehicles.
A division bench, headed by Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, heard the case related to an NCP vehicle.

A luxury sedan, Bentley Mulsanne, was recovered from Karachi on Sept 3 last year by Pakistan Customs under ‘mysterious’ circumstances after a British law enforcement agency alerted the authorities.

During the hearing, Justice Isa remarked, “Why do the officers come to the court without preparation?”

Justice Isa added, “No one knows whether the vehicle is with the customs or has been released.”

The judge inquired, “Who is the highest customs officer in Islamabad?”
The customs’ counsel replied that the DG Customs was the highest post.

Justice Isa wondered, “Just how do these non-custom paid vehicles come into the country? Do people bring cars in their pockets? Why are measures [to curb this practice] not taken at the borders?”

The lawyer took the stand that the order of the court would be followed.
Justice Isa said that he will not do any favour by following the order of the Supreme Court. “Constitutionally, everyone is bound by the order of the Supreme Court.”

On a lighter note, Justice Isa said, “The court will be grateful to you if you or your officers will follow the order of the Supreme Court.”

During the hearing of the case, Justice Isa had inquired whether the vehicle in question was with the customs authorities.

The customs’ lawyer and the officer present in the court expressed ignorance.
Expressing displeasure, the court summoned the DG Customs on Wednesday (today) and adjourned the hearing till then.


Bentley Mulsanne, which seemingly breezed through all radars, was earlier reported stolen in London.

It was found parked in the driveway of a residence in the posh DHA locality of Karachi.

Customs was informed of the vehicle’s presence in the city, following which an investigation was conducted locally to trace the stolen luxury sedan.

After the investigation confirmed that the stolen car was parked inside a Karachi residence, the officials raided the location with a court order and seized the Bentley.

The vehicle costs more than $300,000 and it is the brand’s largest and most expensive handcrafted sedan.

The presence of the luxury car in Karachi is itself a mystery as many were wondering how did it reach Pakistan. Surprisingly, the Sindh Excise and Motor Vehicle Department also issued a local number plate to the vehicle, putting a question mark on the efficiency of the department.

Officials took the owner of the residence Jamil Shafi and the broker who sold him the vehicle into custody after the house owner failed to provide adequate documents.

The registration of the vehicle has also been forged, the customs officials said. “The registration number of the stolen vehicle is BRS-279.”

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