Softening of visa policy for Pakistanis possible in Kuwait

Kuwait , Apr 18 : The Pakistani ambassador to Kuwait has indicated the possibility of softening of visa policy for Pakistanis in Kuwait.

According to local media, during an iftar party, Pakistani Ambassador to Kuwait, Malik Muhammad Farooq, expressed that there are strong relations between the two countries in various fields. He stated that Pakistani doctors, nurses, and technical experts will be coming to Kuwait before the end of the summer season, and they will work under the supervision of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, as Pakistani medical professionals have proven their abilities in the most difficult situations, including their prominent role during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pakistan and Kuwait are exploring ways to strengthen their bilateral ties through cooperation in various fields. In a recent statement, Pakistani officials revealed that they have had discussions with private Kuwaiti companies about the possibility of bringing Pakistani medical teams to work in private hospitals in Kuwait. Pakistan has a large number of skilled workers in various fields who are willing to serve Kuwait and contribute to its development. The Pakistani community in Kuwait has played an important role in strengthening the cooperation between the two countries.

The Pakistani ambassador to Kuwait expressed hope that the visa process for Pakistani entrepreneurs and skilled professionals would be made easier, which would further enhance the relationship between the two countries. Kuwait provides legal protection to foreign workers, including those from Pakistan, and has expressed a desire to cooperate with Pakistani workers in various sectors. Pakistan is also interested in strengthening its ties with Kuwait in the areas of health, employment, information technology, food, and security. Both countries have expressed their commitment to enhancing their relationship for the benefit of their people.

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