A person who contracted coronavirus has arrived safely at his home after two years

Madhya Pradesh, Apr 18 : A person who had contracted coronavirus and had even completed his final rites two years ago, has arrived safely at his home after recovering from the disease.

According to reports,  the family of 35-year-old Kamlesh in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh was left astounded when Kamlesh, whose final rites were performed two years ago after being confirmed dead due to COVID-19, returned home safe and sound.

Kamlesh’s cousin informed that “During the second wave of the coronavirus, Kamlesh was admitted to the hospital where doctors declared him dead and handed over his body to us. After performing his last rites, we were shocked to see him return home alive. We are not sure where he was during this time.”

Police Inspector Ram Singh Rathore of the local station said, “According to Kamlesh’s family, he was diagnosed with coronavirus in 2021 and was admitted to a hospital in Gujarat, where doctors confirmed his death due to COVID-19. His family then performed his last rites in the village. After his return, we spoke to his family and they told us that they were unaware of his whereabouts during the past two years.”

The inspector further said, “Now that Kamlesh has come back alive, we will investigate the matter and take appropriate action after his statement.”

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