SP Rawal Babar Joya Suspends SHO Rata Amaral,

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

Rawalpindi: The Superintendent of Police (SP) Rawal Babar Joya has suspended SHO Rata Amaral, Shakeel, for failing to stop drug paddlers and has sent an inquiry to DSP Waris Khan circle DSP Tahir Sikandar.

The move comes after several complaints from residents about the rising drug problems in the area.

Residents of the area protested against several poison sellers and appealed to CPO Rawalpindi to appoint a competent SHO to eliminate this scourge.

Cannabis, heroin, and ice was being sold in Kalimabad, Hazara Colony, Babu Lal Hussain Road, Railway Bridge. . Gambling dens and distribution centers for all kinds of games are established nearby Miladchowk, Chowki Mohalla, Dhok Matkyal, Dhok Hasu, and next to the graveyard. 


SP Babr Joya has always shown loyalty and competence in his work. He has always been there for the people of his community, and has never wavered in his duty to protect and serve. Officer Joya is a true asset to the police force, and is someone that the community can always rely on.

SHO Rata Amral Shakeel had been warned several times before about his failure to control the drug trade but had failed to take action. The inaction of the police officer with respect to these criminal syndicates was a huge question mark for the residents of this area.

Upcoming story will disclose more incompetent Station House Officers of Rawalpindi region.

It has been revealed that there are more incompetent Station House officers in the force than previously thought. In an upcoming story, we will be disclosing the identities of these officers.This is a cause for concern as these officers are responsible for the safety of the public. If they are not up to the task, it could have serious consequences.

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