SSP Investigation Brings Justice to Sadiqabad with Open Court.

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

RAWALPINDI, Feb 8: An open court was held in the Sadiqabad police station by SSP Investigation Rawalpindi Zanira Azfar. This event was attended by SDPO Tahir Sikander, SHO Sadiqabad, and a large number of citizens including investigative officers and media. In this open court, cases were heard, grievances were addressed and justice was served.


This event was organized to ensure that citizens feel safe and secure within their local communities. All cases were heard by SSP Investigation Zanira Azfar with full attention and justice was served accordingly. The citizens present at the event expressed appreciation for the efforts of the police department in ensuring justice is delivered on time.


It was a day of surprise revelations in open court when a senior journalist Farhan Jafri raised concerns over the lack of police presence in a community that has seen its population skyrocket since the establishment of Sadiqabad police station Rawalpindi in 1986. During his testimony, Farhan suggested that while the original approval for the station was for 120 men, only 55 remain today despite the population continuing to grow.


Farhan also questioned the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) on an important issue: the need for another police station in this area to help lower crime rates. Farhan noted that with the right resources and completion of this second station, their local community could benefit by having more police presence in the area to protect citizens.


The issue of lack of police presence is especially concerning considering that the station is responsible for maintaining law and order in a large area of the city. This puts a tremendous strain on those already working in the station as they struggle to keep up with increasing crime rates. In addition, it can lead to health and safety risks for both officers and citizens alike due to lack of space and resources.

The SSP responded positively and indicated that they would consider adding additional resources or constructing a new station to serve the area. She also noted that it would be a priority for them, as they wanted to ensure everyone felt safe and secure in their own community.


This is an important development for the citizens as it demonstrates that their voices are being heard and their needs are being taken seriously by law enforcement officials.

SSP Investigation Zanira Azfar said that according to the vision of IG Punjab, all resources are being utilized to ensure timely resolution of citizens’ problems.

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