Adnan Siddiqui asks PIA to ‘invest in infrastructure, services’ instead of ‘policing’ cabin crew

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has received flak for its new rule where it has made it mandatory for its air hostesses to wear undergarments while in plain clothes. The general manager of the national carrier’s flight services raised objections over the dressing of the airline’s female crew members earlier this week and his “moral policing” has not sat too well with social media users.

When the news gained backlash, an official, Aamir Bashir, clarified that there had been complaints about the attire of the air hostesses when they reach their offices, stay at hotels and travel to other cities. He added that the lack of better attire by the air attendants was ruining PIA’s image.

Actor Adnan Siddiqui and Oscar-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy also shared their two cents on the subject and called out the national airline for focusing on peculiarities such as its crew’s attire and not the services they are paid for.

The Dum Mastam producer took to Twitter and wrote, “Instead of moral policing the cabin crew, the PIA should rather invest its energy into improving infrastructure, safety and service standards.” Taking a dig at the airline, he concluded the tweet with a hashtag that read ‘clean your backyard first’.

On Friday, the Ms Marvel director shared a screenshot from Daily Information Times article and wrote, “Our national airline has one million problems and let me say the way its women dress doesn’t even make that list — this is what happens when misogynist men get promoted.” Calling Bashir out on his statement about the crew’s attire ruining the image of the airline, she added, “We can share this list with Aamir Bashir if he has trouble coming up with his own.”

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