Ali Zaidi, Khushro Bakhtiar also part ways with PTI

Islamabad, May 27 : In another setback, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Ali Zaidi and Makhdoom Khushro Bakhtiar made announcements on Saturday of parting ways with the former ruling party following May 9 events.

In a video message, Zaidi, the party’s Sindh president, said that quitting politics was not an easy decision, adding that he took the decision after much deliberation.

“I resign from PTI Sindh chairmanship, core committee and membership of the National Assembly,” he added.

Zaidi added that he will “continue working for Pakistan, and bring foreign exchange to the country”.

Once again, condemning the incidents of May 9, he said that “whatever happened was wrong, whoever was involved in it should be brought to justice”.

“Pakistan Army is our pride because of them we sleep peacefully as they protect our borders,” Zaidi stated. He said he entered politics for Pakistan.

In another development, former federal minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar also announced to quit PTI.

He added that a year ago he had told the top and frontline leadership of the party that the PTI’s new political plan of confrontation with national institutions would be harmful for the party.

“I have distanced myself from party’s politics because of this policy,” he said, adding that he has also distanced himself from the membership of the core committee and the presidency of South Punjab.

The former federal minister said that “the heart-wrenching events of May 9 have forced me to distance myself from the political philosophy of the PTI”.

“I am very sure that the future of Pakistan is not in the politics of division and partisanship,” he further stated.

As the crackdown on PTI intensified in the aftermath of the May 9 violence, numerous PTI leaders, including close confidants of former premier Imran Khan, have been defecting from the party, leading to what the former prime minister referred to as “forced divorces.”

Despite some leaders being temporarily released on court orders, many were re-arrested, indicating that the crackdown showed no signs of easing.

Prominent PTI figures such as Shireen Mazari, Aamir Kiani, Amin Aslam, Mahmood Moulvi, Aftab Siddiqui, Fayyazul Hassan Chohan and others have announced their departure from the former ruling party.

Asad Umar, a close aide of the PTI chief,  resigned from his posts as the secretary-general and core committee member, citing the ongoing situation. His decision came shortly after Fawad Chaudhry, another trusted confidant of Imran, also quit the PTI.

However, senior PTI leaders Dr Yasmin Rashid and Mehmoodur Rasheed have expressed their continued support for the party chief, reaffirming their commitment to remain with the PTI.

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