Appointment of Muhammad Asim Khichi as Managing Director of APP Highlights Government’s Trust in His Bravery and Intelligence

Muhammad Asim khichi Managing Director, Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation (APPC), Islamabad

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

ISLAMABAD, 01-06-2023The Federal Government of Pakistan has officially announced the appointment of Muhammad Asim Khichi as the Managing Director of the Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation (APPC), based in Islamabad. This decision, made with the approval of the Federal Government, comes as a testament to Mr. Khichi’s remarkable qualities of integrity, bravery, intelligence, and leadership.

Mr. Asim Khichi, a distinguished BS-20 officer of the Information Group, brings a wealth of experience in the public sector to his new role. Currently serving as the Director General of the Center of Digital Communication (Cyber Wing) at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, he has consistently exhibited outstanding professionalism and dedication throughout his career.

The appointment of Mr. Asim Khichi as the Managing Director of APPC reflects the government’s trust in his abilities to lead and drive positive change within the organization. His commendable record of integrity, combined with his extensive administrative expertise, makes him an ideal choice for this vital position. He has proven his mettle by successfully managing various high-profile initiatives and demonstrating exceptional leadership skills in challenging environments.

As a seasoned bureaucrat, M. Asim Khichi is well-equipped to guide the APPC in its mission to provide accurate and timely news to the public. With his deep understanding of the media landscape and his commitment to upholding journalistic standards, he is poised to enhance the agency’s credibility and strengthen its position as a reliable source of information.

Moreover, Mr. Khichi’s experience in digital communication and cybersecurity will undoubtedly be instrumental in ensuring that APPC remains at the forefront of technology and innovation, enabling it to adapt to the evolving media landscape effectively.

The appointment of Muhammad Asim Khichi as the Managing Director of APPC is expected to inject fresh energy and vision into the organization, further elevating its status in the national and international media sphere. The government expresses confidence that under Mr. Khichi’s leadership, the Associated Press of Pakistan will continue to fulfill its mandate of providing accurate and impartial news to the nation.

The government wishes Mr. Khichi success in his new role and trusts that he will contribute significantly to the advancement of the APPC, further solidifying its position as a credible news agency in Pakistan.

Chief Editor Daily Information Times Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi

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