Brave and Hardworking SHO of Koral Police Station Makes Timely Arrest of Criminals

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

ISLAMABAD, March 11, 2023 – The SHO of Koral police station Shafqat Faiz has proven to be a brave and hardworking officer, as his team recently arrested two professional criminals who had committed a robbery at gunpoint. The suspects had surrounded a private company’s car, broken its windows, and snatched cash and mobile phones.

The arrest was made within 24 hours of the incident, showcasing the dedication and efficiency of the Koral police team. The stolen cash worth 475,000 rupees and mobile phones were also recovered, returning the valuable belongings to their rightful owners.

The affected citizens have expressed their gratitude to the Islamabad police for their quick response and successful apprehension of the culprits. The SHO of Koral police station, along with his team, is commended for their bravery and hard work in ensuring the safety and security of the citizens.

It is essential to recognize and appreciate the tireless efforts of law enforcement officers who put their lives at risk every day to protect their communities. The SHO Shafqat Faiz is a prime example of a dedicated officer who upholds the law with integrity and valor.

We congratulate the SHO and his team on their achievement and encourage all citizens to continue supporting the efforts of law enforcement agencies in maintaining peace and order in society.

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