Bureaucrats holding dual nationality must be held accountable, Noor Alam Khan

Islamabad: Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman,Mr.Noor Alam Khan , has said that bureaucrats holding dual nationality must be held accountable.

Mr.Noor Alam Khan made the remarks during 39th meeting of Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and privileges’ held on 3rd october 2022 at Parliament House Islamabad, chaired by Rana Muhammad Qasim Noon where he said that such officials could not be trusted and can be a “threat to national security”.

His comments come amid concerns about the proliferation of dual nationality among Pakistani officials. In December 2016, it was revealed that at least 33 senior officials in Pakistan’s civilian bureaucracy held dual nationality.

The issue came to light when Mr.Noor Alam Khan chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC), has raised a privilege motion against civil bureaucrats for allegedly not declaring their assets properly.

He said that all government officials are bound to declare their assets before the committee. This includes both before joining a government job and after serving in the government. Noor Alam Khan said that this is necessary in order to ensure transparency and accountability in the government.

He further Said that the Public Accounts Committee is responsible for overseeing the finances of the government. This includes ensuring that public money is spent properly and efficiently. In order to do this, the committee needs to know what assets government officials have. By requiring officials to declare their assets, the committee can help prevent corruption and misuse of public funds.

Khan’s motion comes after he raised the issue of asset declaration by bureaucrats in a PAC meeting. He claimed that some bureaucrats had not declared their assets properly, and that there was a need to investigate the matter further.The matter is currently being investigated by the PAC, and Khan has called for action against those who are found to have violated the rules. 201/4, 203, 227 of the constitution of Pakistan


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