CPO Rawalpindi Police Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari Admits Constable Shabbir’s Daughter Horeen to Good School

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…….

RAWALPINDI …..CPO Rawalpindi Police syed shehzad nadeem bukhari admitted Constable Shabbir’s daughter Horeen to a good school on her wish and she brought books, so she came to his office today to say thanks

This is newsworthy because it is an example of a police officer going above and beyond the call of duty to help a constituent. Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari is to be commended for his kindness and generosity.

With Bukhari’s help, Horeen has a chance to build a better future for herself and community.

Bukhari treats the children of his employees like his own, taking time to listen to their problems. He also makes sure they have access to quality education and health care.

He is also known to be a very honest and brave officer who has served the people of Rawalpindi with distinction. He has always been on the forefront in fighting crime and ensuring the safety of the citizens. His commitment to duty and dedication to his work is commendable.

He has always shown great courage in the line of duty and has been an inspiration to his fellow officers. He has been instrumental in solving many high-profile cases and has won the admiration of the people of Rawalpindi.

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