DIG/CPO Operations Syed Shahzad Nadeem Bukhari makes surprise visit to Margalla Police Station

Islamabad, May 04 : Syed Shahzad Nadeem Bukhari, the DIG/CPO Operations of the police department, made an unexpected visit to the Margalla police station, where he interacted with officers and personnel to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the department.

During his visit, he checked the records, directed the officers to ensure the correct completion of official duties, checked the front desk, attendance through the biometric system, employees’ residence, and references. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a courteous attitude towards citizens while resolving their issues based on priority.



Moreover, he also checked the welfare of the police personnel and provided them with guidance to resolve their issues. This shows that the well-being of the police force is also a top priority for the department.

This proactive approach of the DIG/CPO Operations towards improving the performance and welfare of the police personnel is a commendable step and brings good news for the citizens of the area. It is hoped that such visits will continue to ensure the betterment of the police department and the community it serves.

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