“I will not allow anyone to manipulate the national interest of Pakistanis!” Said Noor Alam Khan

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi

Islamabad :Chairman of Pakistan’s Public Accounts Committee Noor Alam Khan has pledged to protect the country’s national interests. also said that he would not allow anyone to manipulate the national interest of Pakistanis, in light of the recent car price hike which has left many people feeling hopeless. He went on to say that the committee would take whatever measures necessary to ensure that the country’s interests are protected.

This statement comes as a welcome relief to many Pakistanis who have been feeling increasingly helpless in the face of rising prices and economic instability. With the Public Accounts Committee taking a stand, there is hope that some stability can be restored to the country.

Automobile companies should manufacture their vehicles in Pakistan! 

Chairman, Noor Alam Khan said Pakistan’s automobile industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, with many new companies entering the market. However, most of these companies are only assembling their vehicles in Pakistan, rather than manufacturing them.Now, the Pakistani government will be considering a policy change that would allow the general public to import their own cars from any country. This would be a major boost for the Pakistani economy, as it would create more jobs and increase tax revenue.

Chairman, Noor Alam Khan said, I know very well how automobile companies in Pakistan are preying on the public. They collect an advance amount from our people who are hoping to buy a vehicle, but then keep that money for their for many months instead of delivering the vehicle on time. This leaves the public hopeless and helpless.
Chairman of PAC to Call on Automobile CEOs in Next Meeting.

The chairman of the Public Accounts Committee has said that all CEOs of automobile companies in Pakistan should be present at the next meeting. He went on to say that he knows how to force them to come, and that representatives from the Federal Board of Revenue, National Accountability Bureau, and Customs should also be in attendance.This is newsworthy because the chairman of PAC is calling for a meeting with some of the most powerful people in Pakistan. This could potentially lead to some major changes in the automotive industry, and it will be interesting to see how the meeting unfolds because PAC is a key body in Pakistan’s government and it’s Chairman is known for his straightforwardness, patriotism, and bravery.


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