Incident of setting a girl on fire in Golra police station area.

ISLAMABAD, April 14: In the Golra police station area, a terrible incident occurred where a girl was set on fire by three perpetrators. The accused individuals poured petrol on the girl and then lit her on fire, causing severe injuries to her. However, the authorities acted promptly, and all three perpetrators were arrested within 24 hours of the incident.

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital, where she received medical attention. It is unclear what led to the attack, and an investigation has been initiated to determine the motive behind the heinous act.

As part of the investigation, a woman and two men have been apprehended in connection with the incident. The police are conducting a thorough investigation to determine their involvement and potential motive.

The swift action taken by the authorities to apprehend the accused perpetrators has been praised, and the team responsible for their prompt response will be rewarded for their good performance. It is hoped that justice will be served, and the victim will receive the necessary support and care to recover from this traumatic experience.

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