Islamabad Police: Zero Tolerance for Misuse of Authority and Inappropriate Behavior

ISLAMABAD, April 14: Islamabad’s Capital Police has expressed strong condemnation for the inappropriate behavior towards a woman in the Koral police station area. The incident was promptly noted by the DIG operations, and as a result, two personnel from the Eagle Squad have been arrested and charged.

It has been made clear that the police are there to serve and protect the community, misuse of authority and unbecoming conduct towards the public will not be tolerated. The police force has been given the responsibility to ensure the safety of the public, and any inappropriate conduct is unacceptable.

The authorities have assured the public that they will take necessary measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. They have also encouraged the public to come forward and report any such incidents to the police so that strict action can be taken against the perpetrators.

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